Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging

We guarantee rigorous quality control throughout the entire production cycle.

Are you looking for the right company to entrust your pharmaceutical packaging needs? Netpak guarantees rigorous quality control throughout the entire production cycle. You can trust our box line to provide you with a top-quality, eco-friendly, turnkey packaging service.

The pharmaceutical industry needs a packaging partner who can react quickly. Our expert team understands the tight deadlines associated with “first-to-market” product launches. We thrive on the challenge of a quick turnaround project. Our team has the experience and regulatory expertise to ensure speed-to-market while providing the flexibility and capacity to accommodate customers’ diverse projects. 

Our quality control system meets the strict regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. We also have the ISO, GMI, and BRCGS certification.

Discover all of our pharma packaging solutions and all the advantages of choosing Netpak as your box manufacturer. 

Learn More About Our Pharmaceutical Packaging Boxes

For more than 15 years, Netpak has provided several industries, including pharma, with tailor-made, top-quality packaging for pharmaceutical products. We offer various box types and can print, making us one of the fastest pharmaceutical packaging companies in Quebec, Canada, and the Northeastern United States. We are proud to offer the pharmaceutical industry with safe, eco-friendly packaging boxes.

Besides the high quality of our products, Netpak takes pride in offering entirely customizable boxes. From the size to the shape and passing by the printing, you can order your boxes exactly how you want them to be. The only limit is your creativity. We are proud to offer an innovative, custom packaging service that meets and sometimes even exceeds the pharmaceutical industry’s needs.

Discover now all the pharmaceutical packaging services offered by Netpak:


  • Folding carton boxes
  • Custom printed packaging
  • Labels

If you need something specific or need help finding the right packaging solution, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to be of assistance. 

Why Choose Netpak as Your Packaging Manufacturer?

Netpak is specialized in the production of sustainable, top-quality packaging. We have over 15 years of experience working with customers of various industries, which helped our team grow to understand different markets’ needs. We are proud to offer one of the fastest turnkey packaging services in the industry.

Have a last-minute order? Do not worry. Netpak is always ready to respond to every speed-to-market need. Our industry stocks an impressive inventory of cartons and paperboards. We can also take care of the printing, which means we can handle any projects from A to Z—making Netpak the fastest pharmaceutical packaging company in Quebec. 

We’re a company that prioritizes customer focus, innovation, and excellence. Our expert team works with state-of-the-art technologies to provide the pharma industry with a turnkey, eco-friendly, and creative packaging service. You can trust Netpak to bring your pharmaceutical packaging to the next level. Thinking outside the box is our speciality, and we’re sure to offer you a packaging solution that meets all of your expectations.

Besides the pharmaceutical industry, we also work with the:

If you are looking for a trustworthy, efficient and fast pharmaceutical packaging service, do not hesitate to contact us. No matter the type of boxes you need, we are ready to take the challenge.


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