Custom Food Packaging Market

Understanding the relationship between Brand and the consumer is vital to the longevity of a successful partnership.

Food packaging needs can be quite complex. Your packaging solutions must balance practical needs with the aesthetic demands to differentiate your brand on the shelf, in a very competitive retail environment. Through the combination of our industry knowledge, customer-centric approach, and passion for attention-grabbing design, we will set your brand up for success.

We believe that understanding the relationship between the brand and the consumer is vital to the longevity of a successful partnership.

We also understand that brands require a partner who can speak their language and deliver on speed-to-market despite various industry regulations imposed by the FDA. Our expert team understands the ins and outs of 

  • Substrate strength 
  • Protective coatings 
  • Gluing 
  • Cellophane display windows 
  • Detailed finishing 
  • Grease resistance
  • Tolerances for moisture and extreme temperature

All of our food packaging boxes are designed to keep your products intact. We got you covered!

Find out everything there is to know about our custom food packaging and why choosing Netpak is one of the best food packaging suppliers in Quebec, Canada, and the Northeastern United States.

Learn More About Our Food Packaging Boxes

We are a company that manufactures and prints different packaging box types to accommodate the many packaging needs of the food market. Our designs are innovative, eco-friendly, and tailor-made—and everything is customizable! Size, shape, print, the only limit is your creativity. There aren’t many food packaging manufacturers offering such complete, turnkey, food packing solutions. We are proud to provide the food market with packaging solutions of exceptional quality.


  • Pie Boxes
  • Pastry Boxes
  • Donut Boxes
  • Cake Boxes
  • Cupcake Boxes
  • Takeaway Containers
  • Frozen Pizza Boxes
  • Yogurt/Dairy Packaging
  • Ice Pops Boxes
  • Pasta Boxes
  • Cereal Boxes
  • Cookie Boxes
  • Cracker Boxes
  • Snack Boxes

Netpak: Your Packaging Partner

When you choose Netpak, you choose a box manufacturer that can respond to every speed-to-market need you have. We always stock an impressive inventory of cartons and paperboard at all times to ensure we’re ready whenever businesses and industries contact us with an order. Furthermore, since we also print, we can take any project from A to Z, making us the fastest box line in Quebec.

More than that, we put our customers at the very center of our operations. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, sustainable, food packaging that meets, and even exceeds, our customers’ expectations. Our expert team works with state-of-the-art technologies and the best techniques of the industry to provide the food market with top-quality custom food packaging solutions. Netpak also has an ISO, GMI, and BRCGS certification

Besides the food market, we also work with several industries such as the:

And more. We’re happy to provide any industry with the packaging boxes they need.

If you have any questions or need help finding the right box type, do not hesitate to contact us. An experienced member of our team will gladly take your call and answer all of your questions.


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