Custom Beverage Packaging Boxes

Are you searching for the perfect beverage packaging box? Netpak is a company that specializes in custom packaging solutions for the food market, retail industry, and several others.

Find out everything there is to know about our beverage boxes and why NETPAK is the right choice to answer your custom packaging needs.

Custom Printed Beverage Packaging Boxes

We are proud to offer sustainable, eco-friendly, custom printed beverage packaging boxes to our customers. Discover all the benefits of our custom packaging solutions.

Enhanced Printing Expertise&

More than offering a simple packaging solution, we can also take care of the printing for you. Our expert printing team can enhance your packaging with innovative and creative printing enhancements that are only limited by your imagination.

Custom Printing Packaging for Strong Branding

Our custom printing packaging solutions add value to your packaging and your brand. Our expert printing team is fast and detail-oriented, making sure your packaging is readable, creative, and delivered as quickly as possible.

Selection of Coatings

We also have a wide selection of coatings for your beverage packaging, such as hot stamping, metallic ink, UV high gloss coating, texture effect varnish, embossing, lamination, and interactive printing.

beverage packaging box

Ecofriendly Company and Certification

Netpak has the ISO, GMI, and BRCGS certification. You can rest assured that your packaging will be of the highest quality when choosing Netpak as your box manufacturer. We are proud to offer a wide selection of eco-friendly, sustainable beverage boxes to our customers.

Rapid Beverage Packaging Box Order Delivery

With 15 years of experience producing sustainable, top-quality packaging, NETPAK offers one of the industry’s fastest, turnkey packaging services. Our box line can handle all of your projects from A to Z in a timely fashion.

Our expert team also understands tight deadlines associated with “first-to-market” product launches. If you need a packaging partner who can react quickly, we will be up to the challenge and provide you with a quick turnaround time that’ll meet your expectations.

Competitive Rates

Our packaging solutions provide you with unbeatable value for money across the industry.

Customer’s Satisfaction

We also guarantee rigorous quality control throughout the entire production cycle, ensuring that you receive a top quality, eco-friendly, turnkey packaging service.

High-Quality Custom Beverage Packaging Box Orders

Because you need responsiveness, flexibility, and durability, NETPAK offers batch production processes among the most efficient in the industry. Our expertise saves you time and money while giving you all the flexibility you need to keep your brand and business objectives in line. We focus on the aesthetics of our custom box packaging along with durability throughout the entire packaging life cycle.

If you have any questions about a beverage packaging box or our custom packaging service, contact us without hesitation. An experienced member of our team will take the time to answer all your questions with great pleasure.


We offer several box types to accommodate the varied needs of our customers:

  • Multipacks
  • Craft beer packaging
  • Bottle Carriers
  • Promotional item packaging
  • Wine Boxes
  • Coffee Capsule boxes


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